Wilhelm Furtwängler «Metamorphosen» R. Strauss

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«Metamorphosen» Study for 23 solo strings
by Richard Strauss (1884-1949)
Adagio ma non troppo-Agitato-Più allegro-
Adagio, tempo primo-Molto lento
Wilhelm Furtwängler, conductor

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27 Comments on "Wilhelm Furtwängler «Metamorphosen» R. Strauss"

  1. This is truly a historic document and the most amazing Metamorphosen ever recorded. Period. After you read the notes – Strauss, Furtwangler, the BPO, 1947 – little else need be said by way of commentary…

  2. Somptueuse et bouleversante interprétation!

  3. I absolutely agree with ekrenek and I assume that this was the first recording of the piece just a year after its original performance. The Furtwangler interpretation is perfect in all respects – the only other really excellent translation of this work was by Barborolli and the Halle which I think was recorded in 1968

  4. This evening I will hear it in Richard Strauss' GARMISCH – Richard Strauss Festival Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2012 ;-))

  5. Richard Georg Strauss (június 11, 1864 – szeptember 8, 1949) – it would be nice to fix the date of birth …

  6. Definitely the standard by which all other recordings and performances are measured. A transcendent work of self-reflection, like Prospero breaking his staff – which evolved in the mind of a recovering Central Europe as an expression of atonement.

  7. Sans doute l'interprétation où le désarroi du vieux compositeur passe avec le plus d'éloquence mais aussi avec le plus de sobriété. Une pure merveille.

  8. Ah,yeees my friend!! This is EPIC art!!

  9. C'est beau à pleurer ! Pleurer de joie.
    J'ai rarement entendu une interprétation aussi intériorisée et à la fois aussi communicative. Un miracle !

  10. One of the treasure of the human kind!

  11. listen to the theme at 11.23 – 11.59 !!

  12. A masterpiece !
    Thanks a lot

  13. This is still beyond me! In time maybe!

  14. Two Geniuses !
    Thanks a lot

  15. aaahhhhhhhhhhhh………

  16. This must have meant so much to the players and conductor who had lived through the years of madness and destruction. There are many great performances of this transcendent work, but this must surely be  one of the most historic. Wonderful to hear it.

  17. A 1.25 SI SENTE ANCHE A TOSSIRE…..!!!!!

  18. Puls vom Anfang bis Ende, keine unnötigen und geschmacklosen ritardandi, wie aus einem Stück Marmor!
    Best Interpretation I ever heard. Have played this piece some 30 times in Munich Chamber Orchestra, but nobody managed to get this piece in this form. And I guess, nobody is going to, pity…
    Vielen Dank for posting this recording! 

  19. One of the few good things Hitler did-meow, was to create the conditions necessary for the composition of this epic work. meow?

  20. AirSea1000 I believe the Karajan recording 

    predates this one.

  21. there is no better performance of this deeply moving and so very important piece of music. In memory for Berlin was how this great piece of music by Richard Strauss was written but Metamorphosen is so much more than just being that. It is today a brilliant reflection on how society and attitudes have changed for the worse.

  22. Thank you for these Furtwangler recordings. Feelin' it

  23. There seems to be variations on Beethoven symphony 5 and then what sounds like Wagner in the first movement. Listening as I type.

  24. My God! That's beyond beautiful.

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