Underoath Have Unleashed A New Tune Called ‘Rapture’ & Fans Are Seriously Divided


Written by Emmy Mack on March 19, 2018

After rampaging back onto the scene with their first tune in eight years, ‘On My Teeth’, Underoath have let fly another belter dubbed ‘Rapture’.

Premiering via BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show (below) the song — sliced off their forthcoming eighth studio album Erase Me — prominently features clean vocals and a stadium-ready chorus, which has left a lot of fans super divided.

So far, Twitter commentators either seem to love it or loathe the band’s new direction, with many likening it to frontman Spencer Chamberlain’s other band, Sleepwave:

But it’s unlikely that Chamberlain himself will be phased by the naysayers.

Speaking with Music Feeds earlier today in an incredibly candid interview, the singer explained that the band made a conscious decision to set fire to the rulebook when writing their comeback album.

“We were not worrying about what people might think, what we should or should not be doing,” he explained. “I just made one rule while we made this record which was: ‘That’s not Underoath enough’ could not be said anymore.

“We threw away so many good ideas and made so many mistakes in the past because we were overthinking what Underoath actually was,” he continued. “When that happens, you just don’t grow. You affect your whole growth as an artist, as a band and as a human being when you create so many rules on what a band actually is.

“…Whether it’s you as a journalist, a football player or a business person, there’s no way you’d be doing things the same as you did twelve years ago. So I find it unfair when people expect that of us and that’s why we just don’t give a shit about it. We’ve become a different band.”

Read the full interview here, and give Underoath’s new track ‘Rapture’ a spin below.

Their new album Erase Me is due out April 6th.


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