JWHassler/Haessler – Keyboard Sonata in A minor (NOT WFBach)

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Thanks to buyurun, this is Sonata in A minor by Johann Wilhelm Hässler.

THIS IS NOT A COMPOSITION BY Wilhelm Friedemann Bach!!!

link to this specific composition:

other music sheet:

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23 Comments on "JWHassler/Haessler – Keyboard Sonata in A minor (NOT WFBach)"

  1. I have never heard this before and it haunts my soul. WF was quite the emotional writer. I never knew. I will be looking for more of his music.

  2. I like this piece so much
    The work's number semms not correct ,
    F. 8 (BR A15) is a sonata in A major, not in A minor.
    but I can't find the correct number and the score , could you send me a score?

  3. Incredible! A great composer in his own right with a style all his own. Yet the solid foundation and character instilled by the old man is clearly evident.

  4. I can not find this piece catalog number is incorrect, you can know which piece is

  5. wf bach is always sublime but this sonata of his is in another universe

  6. who is playing? rousset?

  7. i agree, one of his best

  8. this is the most beautiful piano sonata in the history of the classical music.it is the best one better than beethoven or mozart or scarlatti sonatas

  9. this is the most beautiful piano sonata ever second to none

  10. YOU TOTALLY WRONG.I DO LIKE THIS SONATA.HIS BROTHER C.P.BACH HARPSICHORD CONCERTO Wq23 is as good as mendelsohn piano concerto 1.tell who composer has the best sonata


  12. wf bach composed NOTHING good. cpe bach was much better than him

  13. I tought that Marcello adagio was a grat one.Also W.F.Bach sonata for harpsichord a minor was graet one.Also like C.P.Bach concerto Wq23.But i found a new hero.Georg(Jiri) Anton Benda 1722-1795 concerto for harpsichord and strings b minor 3mvt!!!!! I must say i like it very much!!!!

  14. I mean a great ones Marcello C.P.Bach W.F.Bach Georg( Jiri) Anton Benda!!!!!!

  15. The harpsichord player in Benda concerto by Jiri Hala

  16. I agree, Freidemann is the most magical composer of all and would like the recommend the newish disc of klavierworks by Berben on the Carus label, it is all previously unrecorded material! Such a shame his life ended in tragedy !

  17. hater! Friedemann was the most gifted of all.. CPE Bach is a watercolour compared to Freidemann's vast oil paintings!

  18. Wonderful sonata, do you know where to find the musical score?

  19. This piece is actually not by WF Bach, but by Johann Wilhelm Hässler. It has been misattributed to Bach bei someone in the 1960s, and since then this mistake lives on… even Rousset put it on his recording as WF Bach, even though there it becomes actually particularly evident that the style is different from the other pieces on the disc.

  20. Beautiful music in the empfindsamkeit style. Glad I now know it's by Hassler; I always thought it was not idiosyncratic enough to have been by W. F. Bach. It's more akin to C. P. E. Bach in style, although more measured, without such abrupt changes of mood. Imslp has a piano score if anyone's interested – in the original version the upper part is in a soprano clef.

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