Georg Philipp Telemann | Concerto in D major | February 25 2017

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Hi guys, today is February 25 2017, and today we are going to discover a new composer, Georg Philipp Telemann. Chances are that some of you never heard of him. Telemann is a baroque composer who lived in the 17th century in Prussia. Let me just remind you what baroque means. It’s a music style that comes from the 17th century in Europe. It’s special feature is polyphony, which means many independent melodies playing at once. Telemann’s compositions are magnificent. Today we are going to listen to his Concerto in D major. Which is a set of four concertos for violins. The original title is Concertos à 4 Violini Concertati.
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And let’s listen for those polyphonies!


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I’m Andrei, a fan of classical music. One day, I asked my friends if they knew about Felix Mendelssohn, a very popular composer, but no one of them had never heard his name. Today, people listen to multiple types of music, but only some listen to masterpieces of classical music. When I say masterpiece, I don’t mean Beethoven or Mozart, but hundreds of composers that the world has forgotten about. I find sad that nobody knows about them, so I decided to use YouTube to teach and inform people about these beautiful masterpieces that are waiting for someone to listen to them. Every day, I publish a new video centered around one of them, with a little explanation, and the masterpiece itself, because I think everybody deserves to know and enjoy classical masterpieces.





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