Antal Zalai – Paganini 24 Caprices (complete)

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Available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer, Amazon and all the leading stores. • Antal Zalai, violin • Budapest, 4-13 August 2015 • “Paganini 24 Caprices” audio/video production.

0:00 Caprice No.1 in E major “Arpeggios” (Andante)
1:49 Caprice No.2 in B minor (Moderato)
5:00 Caprice No.3 in E minor (Sostenuto – Presto – Sostenuto)
8:20 Caprice No.4 in C minor “Thirds” (Maestoso)
16:05 Caprice No.5 in A minor (Agitato)
18:16 Caprice No.6 in G minor “The Trill / Tremolo” (Lento)
23:46 Caprice No.7 in A minor (Posato)
28:02 Caprice No.8 in E-flat major (Maestoso)
31:34 Caprice No.9 in E major “The Hunt / La chasse” (Allegretto)
34:40 Caprice No.10 in G minor (Vivace)
37:00 Caprice No.11 in C major (Andante – Presto – Andante)
41:44 Caprice No.12 in A-flat major (Allegro)
44:52 Caprice No.13 in B-flat major “The Devil’s Laughter” (Allegro)
47:28 Caprice No.14 in E-flat major (Moderato)
48:53 Caprice No.15 in E minor (Posato)
52:19 Caprice No.16 in G minor (Presto)
53:53 Caprice No.17 in E-flat major (Sostenuto – Andante)
57:23 Caprice No.18 in C major (Corrente – Allegro)
1:00:14 Caprice No.19 in E-flat major (Lento – Allegro assai)
1:02:43 Caprice No.20 in D major (Allegretto)
1:06:20 Caprice No.21 in A major (Amoroso – Presto)
1:09:56 Caprice No.22 in F major (Marcato)
1:12:29 Caprice No.23 in E-flat major (Posato – Minore – Posato)
1:17:03 Caprice No.24 in A minor (Tema – Variazioni – Finale)

Paganini Etüdök • 24 Capricii pentru vioară solo • 24 Kaprysy na skrzypce solo • 24 capricií pro sólové housle • Паганини 24 каприса для скрипки соло, Антал Залай • ニコロ・パガニーニの24の奇想曲 • 24개의 카프리치오 (파가니니) • 帕格尼尼24首隨想曲 • Capricen für Solo-Violine • Paganini Capricci • 24 Caprichos para violín solo • 24 Kapris

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21 Comments on "Antal Zalai – Paganini 24 Caprices (complete)"

  1. Fantasztikus amit művelsz a hangszeren! Teljes átéléssel hallgattam. 🙂
    Kedvenc darabom Paganinitől ez… S inspiráló is.

  2. very nice performance. excellent intonation.  what violin is that?

  3. Sorry What brand is your violin reetings from Puebla, México. And I hope
    attend "Festival Internacional 5 de Mayo Puebla".

  4. dont you use shoulder rest?

  5. I may be a pianist, but nevertheless, your playing inspires me to continue to work hard at refining my craft. Thank-you.

  6. This is one of the best recordings of the caprices I have heard. Thank you very much for posting you are an amazing violinist.

  7. how long did it take to learn all 24 caprices?

  8. incredible violinist!

  9. Thank you so much for such an amazing performance! I listen to your video every day, several times, to study for my university exams. Thank you again!

  10. Flawless technique coupled with a vibrant, robust tone. Masterly playing. Thanks for sharing your gift. Niccolo would have been all smiles hearing this.

  11. Do you teach violin as well ?

  12. Is Kreutzer's 40 good enough as a prerequisite to Paganini 24 ? Or some more work is needed in between ?

  13. Very well played! It's kinda funny how the shirt changes after each Caprice… 🙂

  14. Antal Zalai, a leg job hegedus…

  15. Are you able to put yourself on apple music?

  16. that's awesome playing, mad respect! i was curious, did you record them in numeric order and change shirts as required, or did you record all the "red" caprices, change and record all the "blue" caprices, etc? 🙂

  17. Vaya panda de mangantes que estais hechos.
    Se necesitan al menos cinco años para tocar bien el violin.

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