50 Shotguns, Two Flamethrowers & More Weapons Found In Home Of Cannibal Corpse Guitarist


Written by Jackson Langford on December 19, 2018

Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien was arrested for assault and burglary last week, while his house simultaneously caught alight due to an ammo explosion. Now, court documents have revealed that he had a f*ckton of ammo because he had a f*ckton of weaponry.

The list of weapons found in O’Brien’s home, as reported by Tampa Bay Times, include:

  • 50 shotguns (including one that was illegally sawn off an inch past the stock)
  • 10 semi-automatic rifles (including a bunch of AK-47’s)
  • Two Uzi-style rifles
  • Two handguns
  • Two flamethrowers

On top of that, police also found thousands of ammunition rounds, “military style metal cans” and three skulls in the home, for whatever reason.

The report also stated that O’Brien made phone calls to his parents, warning them of the ‘rapture’ and that aliens have landed. Rightio.

O’Brien was released on his bail of $50,000 on Friday, and is not facing any charges related to the blaze in his house. A crowdfunding campaign launched to help with his recovery has since been taken down.

The guitarist was last in Australia with Cannibal Corpse back in 2014. The band recently announced they’ll be supporting Slayer on the North American leg of their farewell tour in May, but there’s no word on whether that support slot will still go ahead following recent events involving O’Brien.


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