Maria Luisa (Julio Salvador Sagreras)

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24 Responses to “Maria Luisa (Julio Salvador Sagreras)”

  • cazotief on agosto 28, 2013

    estou interessado no album de partituras compilado por MARIA LUIZA ANIDO AYRES DE PERNAMBUCO de autoria de meu pai OSCARFEITOSA. Quem por acaso tiver entrar em contato comigo pelo site abaixo.trata-se de um album com 10 partituras para violão.  carlos feitoza-Olinda=PE

    • Miguel on enero 1, 2014

      Tengo la obra impresa. Te la puedo escanear si es que no la conseguiste todavía.

  • Tvrkan on agosto 28, 2013

    Thats my name :’)

  • Jiahan Zhang on agosto 28, 2013

    great video!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cazotief on agosto 28, 2013


  • Tira Triandita on agosto 28, 2013


  • agustinlawtaro on agosto 28, 2013

    2 y 3- Seguro son los números de los dedos de la mano izquierda y derecha 4-Si es la misma nota se unen los tiempos. 

  • agustinlawtaro on agosto 28, 2013

    1- Son armónicos, las notas que se tocan apenas apoyando el dedo sobre la cuerda

  • Hieu Huynh Chi on agosto 28, 2013

    It’s Great. I feel I can do everything after listening this song from you. Good job !

  • Sina Dadresi on agosto 28, 2013

    this is exactly how iranians play the guitar… the classic original way. it really calms ur mind. its called flamingo(flaminco) style.

  • jiaxin5000 on agosto 28, 2013

    awesome can you teach me how to play that song

  • Cathy Wu on agosto 28, 2013

    wow!! so great!!! 

  • gabriela39870 on agosto 29, 2013

    prima vc e linda

  • Wishiwasinthe70s on agosto 29, 2013

    Excellent Job man im about to learn this piece now its tricky for me thats for sure.

  • thiagobpinheiroo2007 on agosto 29, 2013

    Very good!!

  • noexluna on agosto 29, 2013

    Very, very ! =)

  • Doomnationcovers on agosto 29, 2013

    great… how many time have have you playing guitar???

  • ratface111 on agosto 29, 2013

    NIce. I haven’t heard that one before. Thanks for not playing Adelita–thats like the “Smoke on the Water” of classical guitar.

  • Giovanni Maria Tommaso on agosto 29, 2013

    A nicely played, wonderful, relaxing, soothing piece of music; you have a great touch, that comes through the heart & soul of the song. thank you, giovanni

  • abadaba333 on agosto 29, 2013

    Amazing perfomance! <3 I have to play the same song and I was really sad of myself because I couldn’t play it… You inspired me to try again and again until everything’s OK! THANKS! <3

  • guigemar18 on agosto 29, 2013

    Hey Joe!! I’m a classical guitar major, and i was just looking up some classical pieces for fun here on youtube, and i’m so happy i came across this! Very beautifully played! It’s clear you really enjoy music :) haha it’s so great to watch someone get lost in music and get you lost in the process ^_^ awesome piece!

  • keirr999 on agosto 29, 2013

    @bgrobin66 its more constructive criticism than bullying. After all how can he get better if he doesn’t know how to improve. I thought it sounded great anyway so he’s not really doing much wrong if anything at all.

  • Skullmanja on agosto 29, 2013

    Pretty good playing of Maria Luisa, everyone please check out how I play this piece

  • Richard Ancona on agosto 29, 2013

    Where can i find this piece, because I have the Sagreras book 4-6, and it contains a song titled this song.. But it’s totally different.

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