Levanto Mis Manos Piano Tutorial FACIL

AN easy way of playing Levanto Mis Manos by Samuel Hernandez. Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please let me know. God Bless and hope it helps.

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25 Responses to “Levanto Mis Manos Piano Tutorial FACIL”

  • arismar pereira on diciembre 23, 2013

    gostei muito dos seus videos, e estou aprendendo com eles, goste
    principalmente do hay una uncion (há uma unção) e levanto mis manos
    (levanto minhas mãos) obrigado – “Brasil”

  • pjavier p on diciembre 23, 2013


  • Josuè Toral on diciembre 23, 2013

    El ase La con Do# pero se confunde :)

  • Olvin Bautista on diciembre 23, 2013

    How can I control my left hand I know you play it 4 each but I get lost
    everytime I try it! Bendiciones”"

  • Adler Villeda on diciembre 23, 2013

    Hermano me puedes decir que voice usas? (Yo tengo un piano igual) Dios te
    bendiga y hermoso tutorial sigue adelante que Dios te seguirá bendiciendo.

  • jjas411 on diciembre 23, 2013

    @Youth4ChristMusic I am new at this. I dont understand what
    G(sol)A(La)-D(Re)…. means. I dont read notes. Can you tell me what notes
    you are playing with the left hand. What 3 notes. as in what letter. I have
    my keyboard marked with the letters A thru G. Thats all I know. I got the
    melody with the right hand but its the left hand that I dont understand.
    Appreciate your help. God Bless U. I also want to learn to play for our

  • Senorita Nessa on diciembre 23, 2013

    Ok so I’m back again after one year. Lol…I really like your vids, I was
    wondering if you could upload a vid of Que Seas Mi Universo? Other pple
    here on youtube play songs a little differently and you play them
    originally (the way I like it..lol) Pleeeeaseee. hehehe

  • jjas411 on diciembre 23, 2013

    great tutorial But im new at this and need help. i got the first part of
    the melody with the righthand movement. however the left hand notes I cant
    tell which ones you are playing at once. Can you tell me what are the 3
    notes that you play with your left hand on each one. I dont read notes but
    i marked my keyboard wth the letters A thru G. I dont understand the
    language “Ray FA Sol” make it simple in single letters so that i can
    understand. Thanks for you help and GoD Bless U!

  • Gladyse caro Tobon on diciembre 23, 2013

    me encanta, y muy facil como lo enseñas, Dios te bendiga

  • Mikaela Christian on diciembre 23, 2013

    Hi, Thanks very much for this video, It helped me, I am taking piano
    lessons, can you pass me the cords from both hands? thanks ;)

  • MsKALAJAN on diciembre 23, 2013

    thank you brother im of mexico,

  • Vloxus on diciembre 23, 2013

    thanks brother

  • Adler Villeda on diciembre 23, 2013

    Gracias hermano. Dios te bendiga.

  • michaelangelo0926 on diciembre 23, 2013

    Hey i checked ur profile is ok u play really good but i was thinking
    tutorials since u were comenting on a video tutorial anyways u guys got an
    idea of aneasy way to play a melody as a prayer background like como musica
    de fondo if u can help ill apreciated something easy im a bigginer lol

  • michaelangelo0926 on diciembre 23, 2013

    Yeah is helping me where u from,i hope i c more tutorials from ya hey u
    know the melody of el me levantara?

  • Waldir Cornejo on diciembre 23, 2013

    muchisima gracias el video esta padre gracias hermano DTB

  • Youth4ChristMusic on diciembre 23, 2013

    @michaelangelo0926 Gracias estoy muy feliz de que te pude ayudar un poco!
    Siguele! Nunca te des por vencido! Te deseo suerte! Y gracias por apoyarme!

  • michaelangelo0926 on diciembre 23, 2013

    Hey yeah man im practicing and u kno i liv in a very small town so no
    teachers around here i hope u keep sharing this tutorials im playing
    levanto mis manos now so keep it up good is blessing you man

  • Progeovany on diciembre 24, 2013

    I started playing instrument when I was 7 now I am 13 and I play 7
    instruments and the piano was the hardest for me but I learned it thanks to
    you I learned a new instrument thanks

  • Olvin Bautista on diciembre 24, 2013

    DIOS te bendiga mira regrese y vi tu vd nuevamente sin ofender pero t
    confundiste despues de RE-SOL-LA-RE AKI HACES UN SI MENOR PERO EN TU
    DIJISTE K ERA MI CHECKEALO por favor veras k si no estas me gustan tus
    tutoriales solo fue k enves de sim dijiste mi es todo. y gracias nueavmente
    por compartir lo k DIOS TE A DADO..

  • Youth4ChristMusic on diciembre 24, 2013

    Estoy seguro que no uso Mi en este canto

  • Youth4ChristMusic on diciembre 24, 2013

    @chicalatinadel2009 Hello! The note of the song in general would be in D
    (Re). But all the notes are: G(Sol)-A(La)-D(Re)-B(Si)-G(Sol)-A(La)-D(Re).
    I’m sorry if i did a bad explanation of the notes in the video. I tried to
    make clear what the notes where. Hope my vids help u! God Bless!

  • Ms02052005 on diciembre 24, 2013

    DTB gracias hermano es de gran vendicion soy principiante y es de gran
    ayuda estoy aprendiendo con tus vdeos vendiciones y sige adelante y que
    Dios te conteste tus peticiones y saludos

  • victor morales on diciembre 24, 2013

    wow great tutorial bro.im learning more with my piano at home with your
    help ofcourse,just if you could make a tutorial of su DULCE VOS by alex
    campos.i woul realy apriciate that

  • eXtremeDesire559 on diciembre 24, 2013

    @MultiDestroyer10 GO for it! I mean if God helped me play He can and will
    help you! Trust me the same thing happened with our church they needed a
    drummer so I asked God if it was His will He would help me…and He did!
    Now I’ve been playin for over 4 years! God bless =D

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